About Us

Benchmark Meditek and Surgical  Pvt. Ltd. is a well –established company that was started in  May-2016 by a team of highly qualified skilled and determined professions, to set and outstanding trend in supplying medical, surgical, disposable & disinfectant chemicals as well as laboratory product and housekeeping product supply. Mr. Raj Kumar Sharma, Advocate is Managing Director and Mrs Anchal Sharma is Chief Executive Officer and the engine that drives the growth of BMSPL.  With our well designed system and professional staff we serve our client to their satisfaction, we have come to appreciate that time, quality and excellence render a competitive advantage needed for every entity to prosper, and that’s why we ensure retaining and upgrading our systems and links to deliver the best and timely for your advantage.

Our Goals:

The main purpose of our company is to actively contribute to the safe and high-level health service operation through providing high-level medical and surgical products, laboratory products agents.

Value and Strength:

Our people have a strong desire to do the “right thing” and to deliver the promises that we make. We maintain very high levels of innovation, knowledge & technical expertise to deliver integrated solutions that work.

Our Business

In our company we are covering many fields in medical and surgical consumables and disposables, medical and surgical general supplies, and laboratory supplies Medical and Diagnostic Equipment, in our business we are depending on our skilled and Professional staff because we believe that they are the foundation of everything we do.


Our company is guided by integrity, high ethical standards and respect for employees, customers, and competitors.

Mission Statement

Our Mission is to offer excellent service in each of our professional disciplines, in accordance with statutory practices, codes of conduct and integrity, thereby developing our team and providing a leading platform from which to service the built environment and in particular, our valued Clients.  ProfessionalismØ  IntegrityØ  Mutual respectØ  ResponsivenessØ  Timely response and deliveryØ  Customer service CredibilityØ


 To deliver our clients the standards of quality specified in the contract within budget.

To create and maintain a culture of quality within the company.

To ensure that all our employees are trained in quality assurance and that this training is ongoing at all levels.

To provide the resources necessary to achieve the required level of quality.

 To ensure that quality control mechanisms are being sufficiently and effectively applied at all times.

To provide documentary evidence of all quality control measures.

To continually review, improve and implement quality control and best practice procedures.

To seek feedback from our clients and consultants as to the level of quality delivered

Products and Services

 Being a multi-disciplinary distributor, Benchmark Meditek and surgical Pvt ltd offers a wide range of Medical, Surgical, and lab supplies. These include:  We Supply medical and surgical products.Ø  Medical and Surgical consumables and disposables.Ø  Disposable and hygienic Theatre wear.Ø  Bandages, gauze’s, dressings, plasters, tape, swabsØ & cotton wool.  Needles and Syringes.Ø  Linen SaversØ & Draw Sheets.  Gloves and Latex products.Ø  Catheters and Tubing.Ø  Urology Products Orthopaedic products, Laboratory products.Ø 

Some of our brands and partner:-

1: Ks surgical pvt ltd

2: Immunoshop Pvt ltd

3: Faith Micro Solutions

4: Rossari biotech ltd

5: Nitin polymers